Standard Fee for Tour Guide Services

No. of guests in a group One day fee (8 hours) Half day fee(4 hours)
Up to 10guests ¥22,000- ¥15,000-
11 to 40 guests ¥25,000- ¥17,000-
Over 40 guests Quotation to be submitted Quotation to be submitted

* Our fee differs in accordance with the tour course, nature of the tour, etc.
  Please contact us for further information.
* If you are a travel agent or an organization and have your own guideline or budget, please let us
  know in advance.
* Service to drop or pick guests up at an airport(within 2 hours) ¥10,000
* Guide's meal cost(breakfast:¥1,000、lunch:¥1,200、supper:¥1,500)
* Guide's transportation and lodging costs will be separately charged as incurred.
* Over time fee will be charged ¥3,000/hour when the tour exceeding 8 hours a day
* Cancellation policy : 3 days prior to the tour - None / 2 days prior to the tour - 40%
            1 day prior to the tour - 50% / On the day or no show - 100%

Fee for Other Services(Interpretation、Assistance in meeting/reception, etc.)

Fee differs by the field and nature of the interpretation work required. Upon request, we will submit our estimate.